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Mutations and Other Fairytales
Im Augenspiegelblick
Beethoven Sonata Op. 102
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Susan Salm plays Brahms Susan Salm plays Brahms
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Mutations and other Fairytales Mutations and other Fairytales
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Special Report from the 2008 South Africa Tour  
  Unedited recording of "Im Augenspiegelblick" by Wolfgang Florey (2007)

A Capriccio after Hoffman in 8 short scenes for Violoncello Solo for Susan Salm, recorded during a live performance in Vienna, Austria in September 2012.


Susan Salm | Im Augenspiegelblick

1. Scene Augenspiegelblick
2. Scene Ein schöner Morgen
3. Scene Azur
4. Scene Der Schwarze Stein
5. Scene Begehren
6. Scene Notturno I
7. Scene Notturno II
8. Scene Tarantella

from ETA Hoffman: Prinzessin Brambilla-6th chapter

Rage and despair, cheerful happiness, driven restlessness, sudden lethargy, and then - out of nowhere - fragments of the distant past suddenly emerge from the lower depths of consciousness.

An adventurous encounter with one's own being in the innermost depths of one's self. We find ourselves in the midst of a struggle of contradictions: love and hate, tenderness and dissatisfaction; contentment and impatience; pride and humility.

An unselfconscious, shameless outpouring of mindless carnality, at once ridiculous and tragic. Grotesque.

A melancholy sinking into a flood of metaphysical speculations, lost in the loneliness of thought. - Chronic Dualism.

Hold tight-- hold tight, you dancers!

Scene I
(A glimpse of the reflection in your eyes)

What an enchanting sight.
Good day, lovely lady!
She looks at me.
The world disappears in the reflection of her eyes.
The mocking leer of a devil.
Avast, avast!
I am running for my life.
But running in circles.
Always in circles.
Everything is swirling.
The whole world.
I'm crashing, falling.
Look up at her.
She watches me.
Lost to the world.
Her glance pierces my heart.
I'm not alive. I can't think. I'm not myself.
A scream escapes me.
Someone is here!
The world remains
A distant memory of
A gentle touch.
It bursts forth, out of me.
Is anybody there?
But there is

I am fine.
Everything is just fine.

Scene 2
A beautiful morning

What a glorious day!
I'll go for a walk, have a coffee with someone nice, and nothing will spoil my good mood!
I'm about to leave when it occurs to me just in time that probably everyone is going for a walk today, and for a coffee somewhere, and all the cafes will be terribly overcrowded.
No chance of pleasant company.
Better just stay at home.
What a boring day!

Scene 3

A bird, light and quick, flies up high into the blue
And lets itself be rocked back and forth by the wind.
Down below, there's a densely populated world,
Which it wisely snubs.

Scene 4
The black stone

Who can tell me the meaning of the words? Who can solve the puzzle?
While thinking for thirteen times thirteen moons,
I have lost my Self and can hardly find it again.
Where is the fire that transforms my pain into love?
Futile longing. Futile hope. Eternal loneliness.

Scene 5

Look at your poor servant! Listen to his pitiable lament!
Spare him this misery and grant peace to his heart!
Do not reject him, who loves you so much.
Ask him not to leave, but to stay.

Scene 6
Notturno 1

Light as a feather on tiptoes
I see him dash around the corner
To the house of his beloved.

Is she sleeping, is she awake, is she sighing, is she crying?
I, your knight, will be with you at once!
Don't sigh! Don't weep!
Get up quickly and
Open the gate for your saviour!
Listen! Quickly and softly, I say!

Oh, don't let me wait!
At least give me a sign!
No answer! Nothing is moving!
Has the bird left the nest?
That can't be! It is not possible!
No! Wasn't that a noise?

Now everything is silent and desolate.
How can a heart be so fickle?
Didn't she promise me hers?
All the while sweetly looking me in the eye.
Oh, that woman is awful!
I shall simply turn away from her,
And stay alone for good.

Soon he'll let himself be lured again.
And run back,
Right back to his beloved's house.

Scene 7
Notturno 2

A weary shadow leans against the wall of the house; far away an exhausted, drowsy gust of wind; two small bones scrape across metal ribs; a sad thought scares itself; a dusty triad rises, falls and shatters;
a gritty jagged shriek pierces the heart; a gentle light.
The pale dark phantom emerges from the wall, takes a few drunken shuffling steps, stops again; its toothless mouth whistles a feeble melody of sadly vague memories; with great effort it drags itself along a few more steps.
Suddenly a light pierces the eye, only to fade away in indifference;
A longing for a gentle caress; the gloomy silhouette, indistinguishable in the dark,
remains in unredeemable loneliness;
the meager light dies out;
Ever so slowly the curtain drops.

Scene 8

She: How the harmony of our dance rises, evermore!
Ah, what steps, what leaps!
Ever more daring-every more daring, and yet succeeding,
As we know ever more how to dance together!

He: Ha, like a thousand sparkling firewheels surrounding us!
What pleasure!
Magnificent fireworks, you will never sputter out, because your
Being is eternal, like Time. But - wait - stop!
I am burning - I am falling into the fire.

She and He:
Woe is me - dizziness - whirling-swirling --- into the abyss!