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"Ms. Salm is a dream made flesh: a more sensitive and giving musician could not be imagined. Her cello, her heart, her intellect – all worked as one. The quality of her sound spoke with a solid core, changing character to accommodate all manner of musical expression. She soared in melodies and her passage work ran fleetly with rock-solid sureness. She also provided facial expressions to mirror each and every gesture of the music and its performance; to her credit, this added to the general sense of immediacy."
New York Concert Reviews

"In richness of tone, coloration of phrases, and ardent spirit, the playing was ideally suited to the music."
The New York Times

"Brahms’ Sonata op. 99 received a brooding and passionate performance, one of the sort this music invites, always pushing ahead yet still revealing the absolute cogency of the composer’s thought. The strength and resonance of her sound was very apparent. This was refined cello playing of great accomplishment."
The Times, London

"A great discovery awaited us at the Palais Auersperg: the American cellist Susan Salm, who has established an international reputation, has made her mark in Vienna. An unpretentious and passionate musician, she was meditative in the Sonata by Debussy, exultant in the Beethoven-Haendel Variations; she became the naive storyteller in Janacek’s Fairytale; and in Stravinsky’s Suite Italienne, an unimaginably demanding work which she mastered with bravura, she was a dazzling virtuoso."
AZ, Vienna

"Her tone is distinctive and extremely rich. She set to with a will, giving no quarter and expecting none, using her expansive expressive range with dexterity and conviction. The high point of the evening was undoubtedly Schubert’s "Arpeggione" Sonata, one of the most difficult pieces in the repertoire, in which she displayed enormous technical prowess and a gift for lyrical nuance. She has style, and that is not something one comes across too frequently."
London Music and Musicians

"The soloist was given the opportunity to exploit her artistic and musical capabilities to the fullest."
Hengelo Dagblad, The Netherlands

"Susan Salm has a remarkable technique, a robust tone and an interpretive style that reveals a willful and intense personality. Her passionate rendition of these two powerfully expressive works mirrored all the nuances of an immediate language which issues directly from the heart in an astonishingly admirable way."
Schwaebisches Tagblatt, Tuebingen, Germany

"There was a tautness in performance that generated a considerable force of expression as the opening ideas were displayed and then gathered up at the end of the (Brahms) first movement, the cello being particularly expressive and beautifully attuned to passages in unison with the piano."
The Times, London

"The cellist produced a magnificent tone, full of nobility and warmth. The joy of listening could be measured by emphatic ovations."
Niewe Rotterdamse Courant, The Netherlands

"The cellist Susan Salm played the technically extremely demanding solo part (Rococo Variations) with a lean, jewel-like and unusually colorful sound."
FAZ, Frankfurt, Germany

"She played the Boccherini Concerto elegantly, with a beautiful sound and technical brilliance."
Rheinpfalz Feuilleton, Mannheim, Germany

"The cellist has a beautiful, clear and voluptous tone, a true sense of phrasing and incisive bowing. Her precision and joy in playing leave nothing to be desired."
Koelnische Rundschau, Koeln, Germany

"An intelligent and technically brilliant performance."
Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany

"The soloist of the evening, Susan Salm, brings to the Saint-Saens Concerto in A Minor the experience and prowess of a world-star. Although petite, almost fragile, her approach is stamped with masculinity. With vigorous bow strokes and great temperament, she masters the difficult positions; she has tremendous technical command as well as spontaneity."
Mainz Spitze, Germany

"Her musical approach is impressive–full of life, refined, and organized on the basis of her multi-faceted talent, she combines an extraordinary gift with vitality, musicality, intelligence, stylistic elegance, and a rich, warm, colorful tone."
FAZ, Frankfurt, Germany

"One had to see her as well as hear her–she is a picture of musical rapture, and possesses breathtaking virtuosity."
Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, Heidelberg, Germany

"Unusually gifted–she is musical and full of temperament"
Copenhagen Politiken

"Susan Salm sparkled with special brilliance in the Schumann, to which her warm, voluptuous and sensitively expressive tone was perfectly suited."
Wiener Zeitung, Vienna

"Susan Salm is an unusually gifted cellist. With a perfect sense of ensemble, her interpretation of the Shostakovich Sonata, op. 40 was at the highest possible level."
Oslo Aftenposten

"There was thunderous applause for her glorious performance. It was a great joy."
Die Tat, Zurich